Multicoloured Bed Afghan

I have been working on this afghan for nearly a year now. My big plans were to get one square done every 2 weeks, finishing it in 18 months max (which would be Fall 2017). I’m Continue reading “Multicoloured Bed Afghan”


The Jewel Box Project: Now They’re Dressers!

I’ve been eyeing old jewel boxes at Value Village. Cheap, scratched, missing the odd knob or two – just waiting for a makeover. I picked up a few and got hooked!

Group of Single Photosweb

There are always a fair number of them at the stores. They were made in the 1980s and have gone out of vogue.

The first task was to get rid of the insides – the tacky velveteen liners in the drawers, the foam-filled sections for rings, and the rotating hooks for necklaces. Each of the spaces behind the doors was lined with rough-cut mirrors, not the safest for small hands. Clearing this stuff out was a pain – the glue was top notch!

Removing the surface finishes was much faster. It was a matter of some stripper and sandpaper to smooth the surfaces, removing the doors to work on them separately. I ended up with 5 ready-to-finish frames and a bunch of doors and drawers!

Even though it takes a while to get these little wooden pieces paint-ready, I am always impressed by the workmanship. The components fit perfectly and the detailing is precise.

At any rate, on to the most fun! The colours!

I had a mess of jewel box parts on my painting table for weeks, all in various states of completion, drying and waiting while I did other things at the same time.


In the end, 5 wonderful doll dressers emerged.

frames-finishedweb finishedweb finishedweb


(Minor detail… I had to REPAINT the purple door and the green door because I had them on the WRONG frames! Oh well – a momentary lapse of attention created another couple of hours of work… sigh).


I can hardly wait to do some more!


Doll Box/Photo Chest

 7 x 4.5 x 4 in/18 x 11.5 x 10.5 cm

I found this little box in a second-hand shop, finished a dull black. The lid slid open only with difficulty. It’s a perfect example of why I strip pieces down to the bare wood and apply a new finish with a small paintbrush in order to reduce bulk. When completed, the lid slid easily back and forth.

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Three Wee Boxes

   Before outside       Before Insides

  12-web      11-web

3-inch square boxes. Plain old wood. Nice lines.  Calling out for colour!

Removing the varnish was easy with a single layer of stripper and sanding. The small interior dimensions made it a bit tougher to reach the corners, but fiddling with clamps and folded sandpaper bits did the trick.

 3 Wee Boxes 03 04-web 06-web 07-web

05-webI don’t know what the wood type is, but it’s consistently found in these small pieces almost always made in China (though that doesn’t mean that the material also comes from there). In another life I’ll learn what all these trees are!

I didn’t see any nails. I didn’t see any glue.  Each piece fit together perfectly with each post hinge for the tops precisely inserted.

I painted the boxes in 3 distinct exterior colours, then moved each colour one box over for the interiors.  The photos show a work in progress.

   09-web 08-web 10-web

With the usual gloss varathane finish they were done! A Christmas present for a member of my family.


Rainbow Boxes Set of 3

rainbow box finished exteriorsrainbow box finished interiors

I’ve always loved containers. Any container, large or small. They’re easy to strip, they’re fun to paint. I can work at just about any available table, and I can work in tiny pockets of time!

This tray with its three boxes started out in basic black. With studs. Not at all my style, thank you…

rainbow box before top   rainbox box before separate parts   rainbox box before open

All those little “stud” tacks were the first to go. Continue reading “Rainbow Boxes Set of 3”

A Little Purple Cupboard

purple cupboard before   purple side table   24 Inside

This cupboard can be used as a bedside table, a coffee table, or in any other spot for a bit of storage and a splash of colour! I think it would be perfect for a little girl to store doll supplies in its spacious interior. Continue reading “A Little Purple Cupboard”

Coral Cupboard

coral cupboard before   coral cupboard inner shelf food stains before   coral cupboard

I love this little cupboard.  I have no idea why.  It’s just the right size.  It’s cozy.  And it’s red.

I knew it would stay red from the moment I found it, for two important reasons.  First, I love red!  And second, whoever painted it the first time made no repairs beforehand and applied a single coat of paint with no primer beneath… and this to cover pine with several large knots. Continue reading “Coral Cupboard”