Velcro Flowers Quiet Page

When we visited our youngest granddaughter recently (she’s 14 months old), my husband and I noticed how much she loves the sound of velcro – repeatedly opening and closing the flap on his cell phone holster. It kept her occupied for hours  minutes! Quite a few minutes, actually! So I decided to whip her up some velcro flowers for Christmas. Voila! Usually I painstakingly design, draw, and cut out appliques for these projects but with this one I used some big floral print fabric and simply cut out the flowers, lined them with light batting and solid fabric, and added circles of velcro to the backs.03web

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Mermaid Scene for Quiet Play



New Section!!

I’ll be showing a selection of newly designed quiet “pages” or “scenes” as I build them.  Yes they’re different from the stuff you’ve seen here before. But they’re definitely colourful. And a lot of fun.

Here’s the first one; I designed it for my granddaughter.  It’s not the first I’ve made for her but the first I’ve added here.  There will be more under a new heading called Quiet Play Time.

It’s a mermaid scene!

Here’s the scene with the snaps ready for figures.

01-finished-front-snaps-only webAnd here’s the same scene with all the figures attached.02-finished-front-with-figures-attached web

Here’s the back with pockets for holding the fish, the mermaids, and all the clothing and hair options for the mermaids.

03-finished-back webNotice that the scene is actually 3 pages wide, with the pages joined by small tabs.  This is so that they can be folded into a smaller space for storage.  Like so.

10-scene-folded-webI’ve made a selection of hair-do’s for the mermaids, plus a variety of dresses.  Here they are, with a couple of examples of how they might be put together.

I certainly have fun making these.  More to come (though it sometimes takes a while…)!