Child’s Book Shelf

I bought this wobbly little shelf for $10, standing 30 inches high and 18 inches wide. Probably not worth it but I always like a challenge!

It’s small and narrow. The black paint covered red paint which covered green, and the wood was very rough; it took a lot of stripper and effort to get to the base. It’s a great example of used, rough-hewn wood repurposed into something “new”. It was probably once an old packing crate.

When I got to this point I just sat back and pondered. After minor repairs and priming, I knew it needed a back for interest and for stabilization. I decided upon a fabric rear wall and paints to match. Like so.18webAs always, painting was the fun part. Then I cut backboard and set about attaching the fabric (see this post for how-to’s) on an angle to match the line of those small inside shelf stabilizers.

The colours worked out beautifully and the little shelf now sits in my granddaughter’s bedroom!


Doll Box/Photo Chest

 7 x 4.5 x 4 in/18 x 11.5 x 10.5 cm

I found this little box in a second-hand shop, finished a dull black. The lid slid open only with difficulty. It’s a perfect example of why I strip pieces down to the bare wood and apply a new finish with a small paintbrush in order to reduce bulk. When completed, the lid slid easily back and forth.

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Kids Need to Store Treasures

I’m starting another new section for kids. There’s a lot of old stuff out there that when updated could function beautifully as small storage containers or doll furniture, especially for the oh-so-popular 18″ dolls seen everywhere today.

Here’s one of the pieces that I recently finished. While small (6×12 inches), it still required the same degree of patience to strip and prepare. The beauty of painting these little treasures is that it can be done at my relatively tidy craft table upstairs instead of my messier work station in the basement! I can paint a section, push it into a corner of the table to dry, then work on another bit. I can even clear enough space to work on completely different projects, like scrapbooks or cardmaking. It’s lots of fun and provides lots of variety.

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