Painted Brass Bowl


Yes. Yes. You can paint brass. Just like anything else. You just have to be careful with preparation – no surprise there. Continue reading “Painted Brass Bowl”


Multicoloured Bed Afghan

I have been working on this afghan for nearly a year now. My big plans were to get one square done every 2 weeks, finishing it in 18 months max (which would be Fall 2017). I’m Continue reading “Multicoloured Bed Afghan”

Three Wee Boxes

   Before outside       Before Insides

  12-web      11-web

3-inch square boxes. Plain old wood. Nice lines.  Calling out for colour!

Removing the varnish was easy with a single layer of stripper and sanding. The small interior dimensions made it a bit tougher to reach the corners, but fiddling with clamps and folded sandpaper bits did the trick.

 3 Wee Boxes 03 04-web 06-web 07-web

05-webI don’t know what the wood type is, but it’s consistently found in these small pieces almost always made in China (though that doesn’t mean that the material also comes from there). In another life I’ll learn what all these trees are!

I didn’t see any nails. I didn’t see any glue.  Each piece fit together perfectly with each post hinge for the tops precisely inserted.

I painted the boxes in 3 distinct exterior colours, then moved each colour one box over for the interiors.  The photos show a work in progress.

   09-web 08-web 10-web

With the usual gloss varathane finish they were done! A Christmas present for a member of my family.


Lime Green Sides

lime green sides after fronts lime green sides before

These tables were pretty cheap.  Made of particleboard covered by thin veneer, they were unwanted leftovers from a living room set that had been sold. You see handles but no drawers. Those warped lower shelves were tacked to the legs with tiny screws. I decided to simply do away with them.

(That isn’t entirely true. They have become great bases for painting other small items in my workshop!)

lime green side leg beforeThe legs were made of… something.  I’m not certain what, except I know it’s not solid wood.

The first task was to sand all the veneer.  Though thin, it didn’t peel and it handled the sanding without trouble.  I was even able to round the edges slightly to take away the “scratchiness” of them.

A layer of primer went on, then it was on to the lime green.  Such a fun colour!

lime green sides primed  lime green sides first coat  lime green sides painting leg

I decided to add some darker green detailing on the legs to make these little beasts a bit snazzier. I also painted those fake drawer handles the same green after I sanded and spray-primed them. I’m pleased with how they ended up.

lime green sides leg detailing top  lime green sides leg detailing bottom

lime green sides hardware sanded  lime green sides hardware primed  lime green sides hardware done

Two coats easily covered the little tables and the obligatory coats of Varathane made them glow! They’re ready as great little conversation pieces!

lime green sides after fronts lime green sides after tops

Rainbow Boxes Set of 3

rainbow box finished exteriorsrainbow box finished interiors

I’ve always loved containers. Any container, large or small. They’re easy to strip, they’re fun to paint. I can work at just about any available table, and I can work in tiny pockets of time!

This tray with its three boxes started out in basic black. With studs. Not at all my style, thank you…

rainbow box before top   rainbox box before separate parts   rainbox box before open

All those little “stud” tacks were the first to go. Continue reading “Rainbow Boxes Set of 3”

Red-Edged Occasional Table: Painting with Orange and Red

“Occasional Table”… from the Free Dictionary: “a small table with no regular use…” but fun to have sitting just about anywhere. It’s a great conversation piece and comes in handy at unexpected moments!

red wine table front orange-wine table top detail

I have mentioned in a past post that working with red hues can be fatiguing… mainly because you never get away with two coats (and one is out of the question). This table was no exception.  It took 5 (5!!) coats of orange before I was satisfied that the colour was true, and it took at least that many for the wine border. Apparently it has to do with the pigment distribution but I am unable to find useful scientific information on the subject. Continue reading “Red-Edged Occasional Table: Painting with Orange and Red”

A Little Purple Cupboard

purple cupboard before   purple side table   24 Inside

This cupboard can be used as a bedside table, a coffee table, or in any other spot for a bit of storage and a splash of colour! I think it would be perfect for a little girl to store doll supplies in its spacious interior. Continue reading “A Little Purple Cupboard”