The Washstand is Back Home

wash stand front beforeWashstand Project 2015

finished washstand

The washstand is finished and back in its home. It was custom-painted with a black and white exterior.

The splash of colour is on the inside!

                 finished washstand yellow cupboard interior    finished washstand red drawer interior

Be sure to contact me if you have a piece in your home that you’d like updated!

The Washstand is Painted!

wash stand front beforeWashstand Project 2015

painting completed

After all the pieces had been stripped, repaired and primed, they sat for a week to cure.  Painting came next, with the outside frame done in black and white, plus a splash of yellow inside the cupboard and a splash of red inside the drawer. Continue reading

It’s Primed and Ready for Paint

wash stand front before
Washstand Project 2015

all parts primed

All portions of the washstand are now primed and ready for painting. The drawer and door each had their own issues, but in general, the 3 smaller sections were stripped and sanded using the same techniques as the main frame.

I don’t know what happened to this washstand. It looks like it was in a bar brawl!!  So much split wood, splintered areas, broken joints. Followed by incredible feats of repair work. Someone was surely determined to put this thing back together, and solidly so! Continue reading

Stripping the Exterior Varnish

wash stand front beforeWashstand Project 2015

finished left side interior

The inside is done.  Phew!  The outside was comparatively quick.  It isn’t painted; it’s varnished.  And varnish is decidedly easier to strip!  The technique is exactly the same but varnish softens more quickly.  A good coat of stripper, a wipe-off with the ole’ sport sock, a decent hand-sanding, and presto magico!

The photos below give a nice pictorial of my efforts. Continue reading

Stripping the Interior Paint: The Floor and Drawer Support

wash stand front beforeWashstand Project 2015

ready to start floorThe last main area to strip was the floor, and it went very quickly, mainly because the surface was smooth. Continue reading

Stripping the Interior Paint: The Side Walls

Washstand Project 2015wash stand front before

left side downThe interior back wall that I just finished required the longest arm reach to get the job done.  Now I flipped the stand onto its left and right sides respectively to be able to comfortably strip the paint from these. Continue reading

Stripping the Interior Paint: The Back Wall

wash stand front beforeWashstand Project 2015 

wash stand reviewing floor level from interiorStripping the paint from any interior surface can be a bit challenging simply because you have to reach in to inner corners and undersides.  But it can be greatly helped by the way you position the piece as you work on it.

My workshop is not fancy.  It’s in my basement. Continue reading