Painted Brass Bowl


Yes. Yes. You can paint brass. Just like anything else. You just have to be careful with preparation – no surprise there.

This brass pedestal “bowl” was actually the container for a floral arrangement that was given to me many years ago – its diameter is about a foot across. It sat in the basement gathering dust – and spiderwebs – and tarnish – for years, until I recently decided to do something with it.

Here’s what it looked like when I started – dull but not dented. I washed it, gave it a good sanding inside and out, and sprayed it with a generic spray-can grey primer. I used spray because it was fast and easy and got in all those little furrowed patterns.

foam brush 2Then I painted it. Whenever I do small items, I use my “signature” daubing technique. I use a little sponge brush, dip its edge into the paint, and daub daub dab dab daub daub dab – you get the picture – all over the item I’m working on. It’s slow and mindless but kind of fun. It tales 2 or 3 or 4 “coats” but it dries quickly, and it produces a rather nice, ever so slightly nubbly appearance. You can’t see this particularly well on the bowl, but it is quite evident on this little frame from another project.

diamond wood finishThen the bowl got 2 coats of Varathane high gloss finish to produce its wonderful shiny look. I put flowers in it for the moment, but I’m thinking colourful Easter eggs might be next!


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