Explosion Box as a Gift


Explosion boxes are traditionally of 2 types: to hold a small item, such as a small gift or 3-dimensional paper art… like this, or to display an assortment of photos, like this.

Mine is a bit of a combination:  The box acts as a card, with a cube of photos sitting inside.

As with most papercrafting, constructing the box is pretty simple if you follow some basic rules: measure carefully, cut carefully, take your time.

The most common shape is a cube, which is what I’ve constructed here.  My paper choice has an asymmetric design to add easy interest to the exterior of the box. It’s also 12″ square so that  I could easily make each side 4×4″.

After measuring, marking, and removing the corner pieces, there are 5 obvious sides of the 6-sided cube. The 6th and top side will be formed by the lid. All 5 yellow interiors will be decorated (remember the outside is already finished with the pre-patterned red side of the paper).

The pieces cut from the corners can be used for other parts of the card. I put one in the centre square and used one for the lid (on top of a larger green square). Coordinating papers were added to the other squares.

Next up was to make 5 beautiful adornments. I started with 5 stamped images, then went to town snipping, colouring, and embellishing!explosion-box-10web

Here are the 5 completed squares.


And here’s how it looks once they were all attached.


Next up was the lid. I centred the patterned paper, then cut the corners and folded the sides as shown, using double-sided tape to keep everything in place.

I ended up with a box that looked like this.


Then came the picture cube. I made it slightly smaller than 4 inches so that it would sit nicely inside without rubbing against the paper embellishments on the box sides. I used regular old matte magic tape to stick the sides together without gaps, and then added photos to each side.

My photos varied slightly in size and didn’t quite reach the edges, so I added some decorative ribbon to hide the gaps and make it look a little more professional.Here’s the end result.

There are endless possibillities for this box so I’m certain I’ll revisit it for other uses!


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