Kids Need to Store Treasures

I’m starting another new section for kids. There’s a lot of old stuff out there that when updated could function beautifully as small storage containers or doll furniture, especially for the oh-so-popular 18″ dolls seen everywhere today.

Here’s one of the pieces that I recently finished. While small (6×12 inches), it still required the same degree of patience to strip and prepare. The beauty of painting these little treasures is that it can be done at my relatively tidy craft table upstairs instead of my messier work station in the basement! I can paint a section, push it into a corner of the table to dry, then work on another bit. I can even clear enough space to work on completely different projects, like scrapbooks or cardmaking. It’s lots of fun and provides lots of variety.

The chest started out white. It displayed what could only loosely be called “distressing” so that it could only loosely be called “shabby chic”. Using a needle (or similar) to scratch away at the painted surface does not to my mind produce a pleasant finish.

I chose to put the drawer on the bottom. However the top and bottom are identical so it can be turned around at will – the drawer slides in either way.

It was interesting stripping off the paint. I assumed there would be black paint beneath since that’s what showed through the scratches. What I didn’t expect was the red dye that seeped through the moment I put stripper on. Why red? I have no idea!

Ultimately I got down to the black paint which was troublesome to remove but gradually got accomplished. Then primer went on and the fun colours got going.

I think this would be great for storing small treasures or to stand as a dresser in a dollhouse – I’m thinking for 18″ dolls like this or like this or like this. I have more similar items and I’ll be sure to post them.


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