Velcro Flowers Quiet Page

When we visited our youngest granddaughter recently (she’s 14 months old), my husband and I noticed how much she loves the sound of velcro – repeatedly opening and closing the flap on his cell phone holster. It kept her occupied for hours  minutes! Quite a few minutes, actually! So I decided to whip her up some velcro flowers for Christmas. Voila! Usually I painstakingly design, draw, and cut out appliques for these projects but with this one I used some big floral print fabric and simply cut out the flowers, lined them with light batting and solid fabric, and added circles of velcro to the backs.03web


Then I cut out the same flowers with a bit of additional fabric print and appliqued them onto a blue background, adding circles of velcro to their centres.01web

I always put interfacing on one side of these pages and lightweight batting on the other.  Like so.


Sew them together and presto, it’s complete.05web

She’s not quite into getting the colours right yet but she sure likes pulling them off and putting them back on!

And we delight in watching her!!


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