Three Wee Boxes

   Before outside       Before Insides

  12-web      11-web

3-inch square boxes. Plain old wood. Nice lines.  Calling out for colour!

Removing the varnish was easy with a single layer of stripper and sanding. The small interior dimensions made it a bit tougher to reach the corners, but fiddling with clamps and folded sandpaper bits did the trick.

 3 Wee Boxes 03 04-web 06-web 07-web

05-webI don’t know what the wood type is, but it’s consistently found in these small pieces almost always made in China (though that doesn’t mean that the material also comes from there). In another life I’ll learn what all these trees are!

I didn’t see any nails. I didn’t see any glue.  Each piece fit together perfectly with each post hinge for the tops precisely inserted.

I painted the boxes in 3 distinct exterior colours, then moved each colour one box over for the interiors.  The photos show a work in progress.

   09-web 08-web 10-web

With the usual gloss varathane finish they were done! A Christmas present for a member of my family.



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