Lime Green Sides

lime green sides after fronts lime green sides before

These tables were pretty cheap.  Made of particleboard covered by thin veneer, they were unwanted leftovers from a living room set that had been sold. You see handles but no drawers. Those warped lower shelves were tacked to the legs with tiny screws. I decided to simply do away with them.

(That isn’t entirely true. They have become great bases for painting other small items in my workshop!)

lime green side leg beforeThe legs were made of… something.  I’m not certain what, except I know it’s not solid wood.

The first task was to sand all the veneer.  Though thin, it didn’t peel and it handled the sanding without trouble.  I was even able to round the edges slightly to take away the “scratchiness” of them.

A layer of primer went on, then it was on to the lime green.  Such a fun colour!

lime green sides primed  lime green sides first coat  lime green sides painting leg

I decided to add some darker green detailing on the legs to make these little beasts a bit snazzier. I also painted those fake drawer handles the same green after I sanded and spray-primed them. I’m pleased with how they ended up.

lime green sides leg detailing top  lime green sides leg detailing bottom

lime green sides hardware sanded  lime green sides hardware primed  lime green sides hardware done

Two coats easily covered the little tables and the obligatory coats of Varathane made them glow! They’re ready as great little conversation pieces!

lime green sides after fronts lime green sides after tops


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