Rainbow Boxes Set of 3

rainbow box finished exteriorsrainbow box finished interiors

I’ve always loved containers. Any container, large or small. They’re easy to strip, they’re fun to paint. I can work at just about any available table, and I can work in tiny pockets of time!

This tray with its three boxes started out in basic black. With studs. Not at all my style, thank you…

rainbow box before top   rainbox box before separate parts   rainbox box before open

All those little “stud” tacks were the first to go. rainbow box studs before

Followed by peeling off the inside liners.

rainbox box removing liner

Then removing the black.  As usual, this proved to be rather an unpleasant task.  I don’t know what it is about black paint but it often gives me trouble.

The sides and tops weren’t too bad, though they still took a few coats of stripper plus patient scraping work.

rainbow box side strip 1 rainbow box side strip 2 rainbow box side strip 3 rainbow box side strip 4 rainbow box side strip 5

The bottoms of the boxes were painful.  Just painful.  I have encountered this before… where some portions of the baked on (I presume) paint were much more difficult to remove than others.  It becomes a task of straightforward patience… the photos below make it look simple but it was really, really, r-e-a-l-l-y slow work.

rainbow box bottom strip 1  rainbow box bottom strip 2  rainbow box bottom strip 3  rainbow box bottom strip 4

Then I had to repeat the procedure with all of the interiors.  Each inside top and bottom had a big number hand-written on it, no doubt to keep track of which lids matched which bases. Although I reminded myself to note this, I managed to white-prime all the pieces before I remembered… so later had to painstakingly line up all the screw holes to find the matching pairs.

rainbow box stripped interiors  rainbox box stripped exteriors

On to the best part… the painting.  I couldn’t remove the latches so they all got painted while attached to the boxes.  It was great fun colouring all the tops, bottoms, and insides.  Each day things got a bit brighter!

rainbow box painting 1 rainbow box painting 2 rainbow box painting 3

The back hinges got painted separately…

rainbow boxes hinges before  rainbow box hinges primed  rainbow box hinges painted

… then were attached to the boxes and screwed in place. Finally, the screws themselves were also painted.

rainbow box hinges attaches  rainbow box hinge screws painted

After the final coats of varathane, the little boxes are ready for whatever you want to put in them!

They are so tidy in their purple tray!


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