Red-Edged Occasional Table: Painting with Orange and Red

“Occasional Table”… from the Free Dictionary: “a small table with no regular use…” but fun to have sitting just about anywhere. It’s a great conversation piece and comes in handy at unexpected moments!

red wine table front orange-wine table top detail

I have mentioned in a past post that working with red hues can be fatiguing… mainly because you never get away with two coats (and one is out of the question). This table was no exception.  It took 5 (5!!) coats of orange before I was satisfied that the colour was true, and it took at least that many for the wine border. Apparently it has to do with the pigment distribution but I am unable to find useful scientific information on the subject.

The table started out pretty beat up, with well-worn varnish on dark wood – perhaps walnut.

red wine table before front red wine table before top red wine table before close up top red wine table before detail leg

The varnish stripped off easily and no repairs were required.

red wine table top stripped

After priming, the orange went on without trouble despite requiring several coats. The wine colour took even more work.  I’d paint one half of the rim, then the other half, find the centre darker, so recoat, and recoat, and so on and so on.  At some point I decided that the look met the appropriate standards of that day… I just have no idea when it happened.

red wine table red stage 1 red wine table red stage 2 red wine table stage 3 red wine table stage 4

Ultimately the colours were right, including the detail in the carved legs.

Three coats of Varathane protected the piece plus it brought out those rich colours beautifully!

orange-wine table front orange-wine table top detail orange-wine table leg detail

I have other projects on the go where I’m using red again.  I just have to be patient!


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