A Little Purple Cupboard

purple cupboard before   purple side table   24 Inside

This cupboard can be used as a bedside table, a coffee table, or in any other spot for a bit of storage and a splash of colour! I think it would be perfect for a little girl to store doll supplies in its spacious interior.

It was in pretty good shape when I picked it up, and I know many would like it just the way it was, but I wanted to practice working with laminate and my business is all about colour!

The first task was to remove the black plastic stripe along the front, remove all the hardware, and take off the doors so that I could get at the inside. Every inch of the laminate, in good condition and not peeling at all, was sanded with coarse grade sandpaper.

purple cupboard detailing before purple cupboard removing black stripe

Then the doors were painstakingly painted on both sides.   purple cupboard painting the doorsI painted the interior a pale, pale purple, and the outside much brighter.  The edge detailing matches the interior.

First coat…purple cupboard first coat of paint

Final coat …
purple cupboard finished top Glossy varathane protection…web2-backThen it was on to the hardware, much the more troublesome task.  The steel handles were coated in tough black plastic which only scraped off with a tremendous amount of effort.   purple cupboard handle before purple cupboard attempt at removing handle plastic

I ended up soaking them in stripper solution for a while.purple cupboard handle in stripper solutionWhich made work a lot easier!!purple cupboard plastic scraped off handleThey were sanded, primed, painted and varathaned along with the other door hardware, and they all  turned out perfectly!purple cupboard handles primed purple cupboard hardware paintedThe biggest challenge was remounting the doors. It was ultimately accomplished and the little cupboard is good to go!


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