Yellow Side Table

yellow side front before     

I found this bedside table at a moving out sale – for $10. Deal! However it turned out to be a lot of work and not worth its cheap price even though it turned out rather cute! The first problem was that the veneer-covered odds’n’ends pressboard needed a lot of shaving and sanding to allow the drawers to slide smoothly on the simple pressboard runners.

yellow side interior before

yellow side interior drawer beforeAll those mismatched veneers did sand easily though. Then off came the drawer handles and I did away with the tacky sticky-backed gold metallic strip.

yellow side table veneer after sanding yellow side drawer front before yellow side removal decorative strip

Two coats of shellac-based primer ensured that all those crazy patterns were covered well.

yellow side primed yellow side interior drawer primed

On to the paint, which is generally a most enjoyable experience!

However, after 3 coats of yellow, the colour still looked patchy and was very slow to dry. Ditto after 4 coats and a week of curing. After a full month the yellow was dry but oh so blah looking!  What to do?

Well, I stared at the little chest for a while and decided to stencil a scroll on the bottom and paint the edges white.  It brightened up substantially!yellow side stencil in progress

Then I spent some time on the brass hardware – sanding, priming and painting the handles white.

The photos show how handles can be spread across bits of wood, paint pots, or anything just the right size to allow easy manipulation.

yellow side hardware primedyellow side hardware being paintedyellow side hardware after

To be extra super-duper-deluxe certain that all those layers of paint and primer were fully cured, I left the chest to sit for another month before applying the glossy varathane.

yellow side table

yellow side table hardware

yellow side table interior

The finished product is sweet.

And it has a lovely coral red drawer interior!


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