The Washstand is Painted!

wash stand front beforeWashstand Project 2015

painting completed

After all the pieces had been stripped, repaired and primed, they sat for a week to cure.  Painting came next, with the outside frame done in black and white, plus a splash of yellow inside the cupboard and a splash of red inside the drawer.

Painting went smoothly… with a couple of comments.

As noted, the stand had been badly broken and heavily repaired.  I painted the entire frame white.

Besides raising the stand off the floor to work, I propped each side up even more on a plastic container, tilting the side slightly away and bringing the lowest areas within easy reach.

back painted white   right side painted white   left side painted white

I chose not to fill in gaps where pieces of wood met since it did not detract from the overall old look.gaps in wood not filled

I always find it easiest to paint legs if the piece is turned upside down. The top surface is then the very last space painted.

upside down to paint legs

If you recall, the door frame had a chunk missing.  I chose to disguise this a bit by continuing the black “line” of the frame beyond the broken area.

d   07-fudging-the-broken-door-area-web

When I set out to paint the drawer, I noticed a third screw hole between the two from the current handle. Since the hole was even there, the handle had to be a replacement. The hole had to be filled and primed.  Then the drawer was painted without further incident.

noticed the third handle hole filled the third handle hole

All the parts are now sitting for 3 to 4 weeks to thoroughly cure. I want to be very, very certain that the latex has lost all of its moisture before I apply the varathane finish.  And I want to be very, very certain that the primer did its job in covering the stains on the inside of the cupboard and the stamping on the back of the main frame.

stain after paint removal  the victorian stamp

When I give everything the all-clear, the varathane will not take long!


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