Blue Half-Moon Cabinet

front before blue half moon chest original drawers blue halfmoon cabinet

This cabinet was a pleasure to work with.  Solidly built, it had beautiful lines and lots of places for detail work. I didn’t like the original cream-coloured shabby chic look, and I definitely didn’t like the green velvet lining in the drawers so I looked forward to creating my own touches.

Of course, stripping the piece came first.  The body was easy. The wood is hard and its chalk paint peeled readily.

blue half moon chest paint stripper detailing    blue half moon chest partially stripped  blue half moon chest stripped blue half moon chest top stripped

The drawers were a bit more of a challenge! The standard adhesive-backed velvet liners were tough to remove but elbow grease and paint stripper did the job. (I’ve since learned that a blow dryer or heat gun will soften the glue and make the job easier.) Knobs were then set aside.

blue half moon chest drawers part stripped blue half moon chest original drawer liner blue half moon chest drawers strippedThe little drawers were beautifully made, just like the cabinet itself.  Next up, a good sanding followed by primer everywhere on the main cabinet.

blue half moon chest primedThis is always the point at which I like to stand back and look at the piece, contemplating highlights and potential detailing.  I decided to paint the cabinet a light blue and highlight the drawer details in white, plus add a white stencil to each of the side curves.

blue halfmoon cabinet b ack blue halfmoon cabinet side stencil detail blue halfmoon cabinet top

blue half moon chest stencil paint detailing

blue half moon chest stencil drawing

Stencilling with latex is tricky because the paint seeps under the stencil, especially on a curved surface, so I outlined it lightly, removed the stencil, and finished by hand with a small paintbrush. It was slow but the result was worth the effort.

I went out on a limb and painted the drawer interiors purple! Why not – it’s all about a splash of colour!

The slim detail woodwork on the outside was painstakingly painted to display the lines and curves.

blue half moon chest drawer white rim detailing blue half moon chest drawer blue detailing blue half moon chest drawer white detailing

blue half moon chest drawer outsides painted  blue half moon chest finished drawers

The little brass knobs were etched well with sandpaper, then primed and painted white.

blue half moon chest knob sanded  blue half moon chest knob first coat  blue half-moon cabinet hardware  blue half-moon cabinet drawer front

I’m delighted with the end result!


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