It’s Primed and Ready for Paint

wash stand front before
Washstand Project 2015

all parts primed

All portions of the washstand are now primed and ready for painting. The drawer and door each had their own issues, but in general, the 3 smaller sections were stripped and sanded using the same techniques as the main frame.

I don’t know what happened to this washstand. It looks like it was in a bar brawl!!  So much split wood, splintered areas, broken joints. Followed by incredible feats of repair work. Someone was surely determined to put this thing back together, and solidly so!

wash stand top corner damage beforeTo start with, the towel rod support had been ripped off. Easy enough to do through normal wear and tear.

wash stand inside beforeThe floor had dropped in the rear left corner.  Again could be normal wear and tear.

But then it gets more interesting.

The door had been ripped away, leaving interior damage.

 wash stand broken floor right before wash stand interior broken floor left before

The door no longer has a latch. And the framework is a disaster! Here’s the front, repaired.

side damage2 joint damage2 side damage1 centre damage2 centre damage1

And here’s the back, with its solid but ugly reconstruction.

joint damage6 joint damage4

Look at the damage to the joints! The last one doesn’t even slide into anything. Hence the L-bracket above.

side damage3 joint damage1 joint damage3 joint damage5

Nevertheless, everything is solidly attached again, with the liberal use of nails and large screws.

The drawer fared somewhat better although likely it was also blasted apart, as evidenced by the nails and screws now holding everything in place.

left dovetailing repair right dovetailing repair curve damage

poorly inserted nail right stabilizing nail left stabilizing nail

An interesting aspect is the top edge of the drawer front – part bumpy and part smooth.

uneven edge portion even edge portion

The entire front edge therefore looked like this, though it’s hardly noticeable when inserted into the frame. I wonder what the dark staining is?

uneven drawer edge Why was this repair necessary? Obviously it had something to do with how the drawer slid into place, but both cabinet frame and drawer are now square.

What did I add?

Well I took off the wheels (one was broken anyway). The legs are left with the brackets but these will be hidden by felt pads.

wheel removed2 wheel removed1

And I stabilized that initial work in lifting the dropped floor area.  It involved adding another shim on the underside of the main frame, then anchoring it to the side with a couple of screws. Not pretty but it works, and it’s completely hidden.

third shim cut third shim inserted and screwed second screw

I repaired both front corners of the inside space. Here’s the left side.

left corner filled left corner sanded left corner primed

And here’s the right side.

right corner filled right corner primed

A few obvious areas need wood filler just to smooth things out a bit, but there was no way that door was going to look pristine.  It has character now!

door front with primer door back with primer

Everything will sit for a few days for the primer to cure, then it’s on to the paint. The plan is an all-white frame with black on the door frame and drawer front, and a splash of colour on the interior spaces!


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