My Black and Blue Bowl Turned Red and Purple

This has been quite the procedure getting to the end point on this bowl. I mentioned earlier that it had been rotting (yes, truly rotting) in my basement for years, though it once had class showing off plants.

red-purple bowl before inside red-purple bowl before outside red-purple bowl after sanding

I started out by scouring it with CLR, then sanding, sanding, sanding, inside and out until it was dull and scratchy.

Then I primed it with gray spray primer.

Sprays cover well as long as you are patient with your sweeps of paint and don’t hold the can too close. The layers have to be thin to prevent drips.

But… here’s the biggest problem with sprays in general. They give off fumes. A lot of fumes. So of necessity they should be used outside. And outside is either freezing (winter in Ontario), buggy (spring in Ontario) or really humid (summer in Ontario). ***Note. I truly love Ontario and its weather! I’d never leave!*** But sometimes it makes furniture refinishing a tad vexing.

red purple bowl when black and bluered purple bowl after spray primerThe bowl looked great with the primer. All the spots were covered beautifully. I let it cure for a couple of days (of COURSE I forgot to take photos, but the primer looked the same as on this piece done at the same time), then spraypainted the interior flat black and the outside a gorgeous glossy royal blue. I thought it looked great so I set it aside. Maybe for a month.

When I looked at it again, I thought, “Why did I paint the inside black?” Nice enough but kind of blah. Definitely not part of my bold and bright idea.

Then I noticed the tiny holes along the edge – the ones originally used to hold chains to hang the bowl. Now they were much more noticeable.

To add insult to injury, where the bowl had touched another newly painted one alongside, the paint surface had been dented a bit.

Enter my personality. The holes had to be filled. The damage had to be repaired. And the colours had to be changed.

Enter the redo. I’d learned better paint techniques and was happy to apply them.

A few coats of purple bowl with final coat purplered purple bowl purple coats in progress

A few coats of purple bowl with first red coat started red purple bowl with red final coat red purple bowl before varathane

Then varathane. So-o-o much better!

red purple bowl inside

red-purple bowl outside


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